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Baby its cold outside! – Some warmth for kids dealing with domestic violence

snow man

Over the course of mixing up a mean batch of chili the other day… The weather was right what can I say… I found myself thinking about what we could do to help kids fight off Old Man Winter.

I hit up Family Resources website to see what they accept as donations. Family Resources is local to the Quad Cities, but odds are, somewhat sadly that there is a domestic violence shelter local to you as well. Now the location for the actual shelter is usually quite secretive (for good reason), call ahead to make sure that they can use your donation, and that the office listed is where you take the donation. They need all kinds of stuff, so if you were thinking about discarding something around the house, or taking it to Goodwill or The Salvation Army, please consider domestic violence shelters.

Onto the scarves – I’m a man with no sewing skills, I’m a bit crafty from being surrounded by women involved in the arts and crafts movement when I was growing up, but definitely not a “Matthew” Stewart by any means. Off to pinterest we go!

We found these no sew fleece versions, and it turns out that Joann and Hancock fabrics are having a sale on fleece this weekend. So off we went to the fabric store to see what we could manage.

The braided edge scarf was found on the Helping Hands Blog -

It’s really cute, but appears time intensive, we’ll know for sure after we make one or two.


The next scarf we found on the Creative Jewish Mom Blog and it doesn’t get much easier.

(4) 12×15 sections of fleece – fringed and tied together so simple.


I took $20 out of the Tot Mob bank account and picked up 4 yards of fabric. I asked if anyone else wanted to pitch in, or had scrap fleece in their sewing pile they’d like to donate, and we’re sitting on about enough fleece to do 8 more scarves just from donations so far. We’ve got some more fabric promised and hope to get to work putting them together some time this week. We’re hoping that we’ll have close to 30 scarves for kids that pass through the Family Resources domestic violence shelter this winter. Its a bad situation to be in, hopefully these will brighten a few days, and help some kids stay warm.

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TOT MOB is a charitable start up based in Davenport, IA. We help kids in the greater Quad City area, and raise awareness for projects around the world. You can change a childs life for a few dollars, and we're out to prove it!

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